HV & LV Services: Transformer Maintenance

Transformer Maintenance

Our approach to routine transformer maintenance is focused around meeting our client’s business needs and expectations.
We can offer a transformer maintenance service as a once off service or, most usually, as part of our maintenance contract.

Our transformer maintenance regimes follow manufacturer’s recommendations as well as legislative requirements and as such we advise our customers to undertake full maintenance of liquid cooled transformers once every 4 years. Where possible we recommend that air cooled transformers be shut down and maintained annually.  We also advise our customers to take oil samples from oil cooled transformers annually, which we send to our associate laboratory for full analysis.

Obviously these are our minimum basic recommendations, this can alter dependent on the site survey taking into account the site layout, environmental conditions and customer requirements.

All such transformer maintenance and inspection works are covered with customer written reports that detail our findings and recommendations.
We can also develop specific and bespoke maintenance regimes, which work in tandem with business and operational needs. Our Transformer Maintenance Service includes full maintenance of:

  • Air cooled Transformers
    • In particular dust removal from the enclosure
    • Partial discharge testing on the HV side
  • Oil cooled Transformers:
    • Breather replacement
    • Partial discharge testing on the HV side
    • Taking oil samples – an oil analysis report will be issued thereafter.
    • Replacement of oil when and if required is undertaken in conjunction with our approved specialist supplier thus ensuring all environmental legislation is adhered to during this operation.  All approved carrier’s licences and waste transfer documentation will be supplied upon completion of works.

What is transformer maintenance? A power transformer is most costly and essential equipment of an electrical transformer. … The regular checking and maintenance of transformer is also known as condition maintenance. Hence by proper condition maintenance one can avoid emergency and breakdown maintenance.

Transformer Maintenance