High and Low Voltage Services

Substation Inspections

Our approach to inspections of High Voltage Electrical Equipment (HV Electrical Equipment) and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (LV Electrical Equipment) is focused around meeting the client’s business needs and expectations. We issue a full written report upon completion of every inspection which details findings of the inspection and lists recommendations for improvement.

Our inspection service usually forms part of a maintenance contract, spread over 4 years (CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS), however, this can also be offered as a once off inspection if required.

Regular inspection of your electrical equipment not only fulfils an employer’s duty of care by ensuring the electrical equipment under your control is inspected regularly, ensuring it remains in safe working order, but it also gives the employer peace of mind that they are maintaining a safe place of work for employees.

On an Inspection Service, we:

  • Include a free partial discharge test on all High Voltage Switchgear and on the HV side of transformers
  • Issue a full written report on findings detailing concerns/issues and our recommendations to correct any anomalies