High and Low Voltage Services

Annual Maintenance Contracts

As an owner, operator or responsible user of electrical equipment, it is your duty and responsibility to ensure that each piece of electrical equipment is inspected regularly and records of such inspections kept on file. To assist our customers, we offer an “all in” package under a 4 year CONTROL, OPERATION AND PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (COPMC). This is a 4 year agreement that offers annual maintenance on all HV equipment, LV equipment and includes an emergency call out function.  This ensures that our customers meet their legal obligations to ensure this equipment is regularly maintained, but also ensures that they have 24 hour assistance on call should they need it.

All of our services included within the COPMC are as per the services listed, such as:

Additional to the general services listed above, as part of a basic 4 year COPMC we offer our customers:

  • A senior authorised person appointed for your site
  • Access Control correctly applied to ensure no unauthorised entry to the HV equipment
  • Signage as required for contact in an emergency situation
  • A 24 hour emergency call out facility
  • At least 3 years of non-intrusive annual inspections on all equipment found within the confines of the substation and listed on the COPMC
  • Annual partial discharge testing on all High Voltage Switchgear and on the HV side of transformer
  • At least 1 full intrusive maintenance of the equipment listed on the COPMC
  • A full written report on findings detailing concerns/issues and our recommendations to correct any anomalies
  • Where applicable, an up to date single line diagram of the High Voltage system for display within the substation, as per legislative requirements

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